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Dawn Drew 

Gifted Guardian Ambassador of The Human Map.  Wisdom Seen Through The Workings of The Great Mayan Medicine Wheel

The Great Mayan Medicine Wheel arrives on your radar to show you your connections to all that IS through the eyes of God/Spirit.

Cell structure DNA creation through Spirit Influence. Ancient Wisdom and Life-Altering Awareness.  The Spiritual Biology of Our Cell Creation.  The Human Foundation of the Daily Aura Building Blocks.

Breaking Human Thought Barriers. 

Conscious Physics.  Opening You To Your New Paradigm.

Aura Painting of Dawn Drew by Artist Extraordinaire: Kathleen O'Brien Ford 2019

"This woman works through elevated concepts", says Mickey Cuzzucoli
  • Teacher of The Great Mayan Medicine Wheel's Secret Wisdom

  • Born Highly Psychic, with all 'Clairs'

  • Guardian Spirit Ambassador

  • Shaman by Elemental Nature

  • BSR Energy Medicine Practitioner

  • Spiritual Body Coach

  • Professional Inspirational Speaker

  • Workshop Facilitator

  • Bottom-Line Business Insight

  • TV Show Host

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"She Blew My Mind.  I sat with her to discredit her knowledge, boy was I wrong!" Gray Wolf

Dawn Drew - Pic Heaven & Earth.jpeg

Working with the unending wisdom of The Great Mayan Medicine Wheel, all teachings and public speaking is based on various aspects of this ancient secret helping you understand the huge importance of your human journey.

Present awareness opens to newness. 


Born with a keen psychic gift and ability to access 'the other side', I live with constant Spirit contact using this guidance to offer clarity to those seeking help with life challenges and/or business growth.  Clients come with confusion and questions and walk away with clarity and clear direction, facing life challenges and living a newly found fullness of life opportunities.

The Great Mayan Medicine Wheel

Workings from ancient knowledge guided by Spirit Masters.  The Mayan Medicine Wheel shows you the operating program of your energy fields and what's coming down the road. Mind-blowing accuracy!

"She's the real deal!" Cynthia Neale

Important Areas Covered Include:
Accurate Insights
Power Coaching. Personal & Business

Business and Group Workshops & Inspirational Talks. Raising the Bar to Meet All Challenges

Bulls-eye pinpoint on strengths, gifts and barriers

Ascension, Personal Growth and Spiritual Development 

Teaching the potential to change generality - hence generations, past present and future. 
Mission Statement:
Each one of us is on a journey learning lessons for our soul evolution, some lessons are easy and some are not.  It is my position and divine purpose to assist you on your souls' journey.
The Vision:
We are multi-dimensional beings, and have lost our ability to understand our natural world or the supernatural world that surrounds us.  I am here as Guardian Ambassador to help you understand who you really are and provide insight and clarity for your future development and daily living.
See The Best ~ Expect More!

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