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Services Offered

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Extensive experience and qualifications in the following:

Inspirational Talks, Guided Meditations and Workshops for Business, Non-Profits and Private/Public Gatherings

Ode to inspire the masses that they come together and wish the best by all they are and all they do.  Teaching life changing tools to enhance mental and emotional states of being.  Answers to many inquisitive life questions.  Showing you puzzle pieces that fit!

Specific Workshop Topics:

Numerology 101 (Your strengths, gifts, relationships, best career and challenges)

The Energy Formula (Refocusing and clarity how to avoid snagged ball & chains)

BSR Bio-System Recalibration (B.S. Removal of your ball and chains)

The Great Mayan Medicine Wheel Intensive (Your position in all there is - expanding your awareness) 

Know & Optimize Your Energy Fields 

Labyrinth Building (Healing your crystalline carbon base clearing your energy fields)

Totem & Spirit Guide Connections

Heart Field Clarity & Guidance Meditation



1:1 BSR Bio-System Recalibration (BS Removal) Human Energy Field Shifting Workshops & Private Sessions

Life altering energy shifting modality, helping you bypass your general operating system to new, more beneficial hard drive operation.


1:1 Clairvoyant Energy/Spirit Mediumship Readings

Focusing on clarity, showing you your life snags followed with guidance for you  to move forward with grace and ease.

1:1 Personal Readings with The Great Mayan Medicine Wheel

Clarity.  Clarity, Clarity.  The goal is to bring you to Live Like You Mean It and Enjoy The Ride! To help you understand what you inherently do not see and to connect the dots of your ultimate life questions.



Business & Corporate

Bottom-line business insight for new and existing businesses on your inside operations and future possibilities.  Offering management and employee motivational workshops to help bring your workforce in sync. Non-Profits and Corporate Events.


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