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The Great Mayan Medicine Wheel: The Aura Foundation and Daily Growth.  Human Spirit Influence on Cellular Intelligence and Development


Guardian Ambassador of the Secret Wisdom of The Great Mayan Medicine Wheel. The Spiritual Biology of Cellular Creation.


Spiritual Biology: Incorporating affects of the following effects on 'matter'

  • The 7 Rays of Great Masters of Color and Light

  • Astrology Signs and their respective biological / Spiritual function

  • Ancestor journeys and repairing lives

  • Astronomy and planet connections to our heartbeat

  • Spirit connections in DNA

  • Cellular creation and Intuition  

  • The 5 Elements and Ancient Wisdom

  • Chakras and Sacred Geometry

  • Operations of 'feelings' and 'emotions'

Visited by four Spirit Masters, The Great Mayan Medicine Wheel shows the connection to each planet and its associated specific feelings, the spiritual nature of the makings of each cell in the creation process, where and how your personal awareness or intention develops 'matter', the various tics of feelings associated with the levels of each heartbeat, the Crystalline System developing in the running of the human carbon systems, the Sacred Geometry importance of the days of the week, the Astrology signs and their representative connections to the human biology and much more.  Its all about creating future experiences.

We are multi-dimensional beings, and have lost our ability to understand our natural world or the supernatural world that surrounds us.  I am here as Guardian Ambassador to help you understand who you really are and provide insight and clarity for your future development and daily living.


Workshops and teachings on the powerful unseen affects in our human journeys.

The teachings are mind-exploding.

The readings are mind-blowing.

The results are life-changing.


The book is in the making!

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