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Inspired Wisdom     Ancient Ones Speak

The miracle of Physics Unexplained: The Flight of the Bumblebee, a creature with a body is too heavy for it's wings so small/webbed as that of a spider snare. Yet fly it does miraculously gathering more along it's great daily journey. 
Look in the mirror, Dear Reader and BeE the flight of the Bumblebee - against all known operating through all it is.
First Light
I woke and thought of you today.
My heart opened like a white morning glory.
I saw your fight as you wiped your eyes open
expressing the freshness of air we breathe.
I am here holding your essence awake
in light to shine for you this day.
Words of silence burn my throat
as I fill your tank with hugs.
I am here for you alone 
to learn our hearts are one.
When you think you know...
you don't.
How true are you willing to fight for your you?
How deep will you allow yourself to feel?
How moved will you be?
Just how much strength is your me?
We are eye of all. 
The sickness that surface is health of future past.
Look deeply in the mirrors of your awareness in the depths of your I and love through all you bee (The greatest of miracles that flight against all odds). 
Blue Jay's Caw
The dog needs to go out.  Slippers off, boots on.  Its early.  Early in the day, early Spring.  The sun is warm.  We jump the stone wall to get away from the children's play area.  Walking a dirt incline past the play house to the back of the lot.  
Oh hum, another poop pile.  I pull another plastic bag from the leash.  The pile of leaves that shuffle to hide the crisp cackle call of the Blue Jay's recently presence.  An annoyance I found in the past now a gift left for me on the ground.  I appear the first.  Bright blue and black, the color of a rich spring sky.  A single feather, recognized from experience past.  A rare find normally.  I pick it up and fasten it inside my boot.  
Undeniable words I suddenly hear "Just Ask" Ahhh a new talking feather for my alter.  "Just Ask" I hear again.  Alright.. - God, help me see what it is I need to see and show me how I need to do it.
The cackling caw of the Blue Jay in words you read.  A now, this moment, knowing you are not alone for I AM and I know here what I do.  Blessings to you and your walk this day, may your heart open in wisdom overflow.
Stone Wall
As I look away from the lovely Spring Sun this warming Saturday, I become magnetized by the stories emitting from a stone wall talking back to me.  One of many that circle this property.  I feel the strength and thoughts of those who built this wonder so very many decades ago. 
Thick it stands through great calculation and skill the test of time.  The hillside pushes, the wall smiles its strength in return.
Time for breakfast the sweat yells.  The eggs and biscuits warm in the kitchen.  A length here a length there in decisions of those holding back the great mound of this matter called earth.
The rains come soften the soil by the season of summer then ice of winter.  The wall smiles its strength in return.
Great beauty emits through its sharp edges and cracks of nature.  The wall smiles its strength in return.  Ahhh she sees me, the wall smiles back the many eyes that watched as the original work proceeds.  She gets it.. the wall smiles its great strength in return.
I write of the wall for you to see the awareness abound in the awareness you be.  Its here the strength oozing from the cracks of the wall that smiles its strength to me.
Breathe deep the breath of life my dears, for I am here to help you see beyond those thoughts now overcoming your me.  For Life IS... and then its different.
I walk with an open heart for you this day.  Keep coming back - we'll find our way.
Blessings to the wall and these eyes that see.  Blessings to you for your you that be.
The Rock
I walk the dog on the wooded trail, after Jewelweed root for family who had gotten into early poison ivy growth.
An Old Remedy, known to some.  I pass the stream where the Jewleweed roots peek sprouts of spring, unseen by most.  I'll harvest one on the way back.
The dog is too excited wanting to continue.  The air is fresh and cool.  Trails are busy though mostly couples walking both ways on our tar walk.  Everyone jockeys to respect space of others in this need for buffers as we all still struggle with this C19 virus.  The world slowly shifts.
A corner comes into view and the familiar dirt trail off tar most don't venture to.  I'm excited.  Walking this dirt trail deeper away from norm, I know I'll see few if any others here.
Ahhh, No one else around, we walk hearing the crunch of dirt and winter leftovers.  Its quiet.  Beauty in silence.  No questions, no answers. Just newness - signs of spring thick in the air.  We walk for longer than planned as I observe the elements growing right and left.  We walk silent at length.
A break in trees proves a bright morning sun.  I stop.  A prayer seems in order:
Father Sky
Grandmother Moon
Mother Earth
Show me what I need to see.  
Show me how I need to be..
I smile in the warmth and turn to leave.  There it is.. my first awareness after this plea.  A rock in obvious shape of a heart there at the tip of my feet.  
A bigger smile emits. I gently pick up the gift and feel the guided wisdom.  A heart full knowing Spirit is here.
I return down the trail with clarity the great unseen is supporting every step.
Floor creaks and stories flow.
I wake once more to a new
"Once Upon A Time"
Life awakes the house as it talks back 
emitting noises new and old.
The boards sing the possibilities of new stories this day.
How will it begin.  How will it end.  One step at a time.  One foot in front of the other.
Old added to new - life past incorporating in the unexpected now.
Once Upon A Time.  A new awakes.
Be Strong
Be Brave
Be a miracle to others.
Quiet Answers
I walk the dog.  Annoyed and watchful of the position where others are.  Walking, thinking, in my head.  The cracks in the once fresh tar begin to speak emitting the lovely of moss grown through the elements.  Water, Sun, Air, Wind and the metal core of Mother Earth.  Wisdom smells in the dirt of each step.
How do we survive the great mind asks.
The quiet answers...
What to do the nervous system shakes.
The quiet answers...
When do I act and as which character the great mind asks.
The quiet answers...
Step by step the body walks with the quiet that answers aware now through a hundred steps of the elements at work and the lovely of the moss between the cracks.  Growing newness.
If I were you
So.. if I were you and you were me, I wonder - how the world would be.
Would I panic? Would I respond in each moment? Would I feel out of control? Would I consider more than now?
I guess I can do what works for me in who I walk this day..
Be well and know I hold you in my heart as I walk my walk.  Sometimes I trip.  Sometimes I fly.  We will not walk alone as long as I have you.  Hugs 
"Come to the edge, (life said)
We might fall, (we are so afraid)
Come to the edge, (life said)
It's too high! (we are so afraid)
COME TO THE EDGE, (life said)
And they came,
and he (life) pushed..
and they flew"
C. Logue
To the One
To the One scared
To the One sick
To the One afraid
To the One alone
To the One nervous
To the One un-accepting
You are Not alone.  I am here and I am sending you a personal heart felt warm hug.  We are humans.  We connect.  We mess each other up.  We help each other.  We have freedom to become aware from the awareness we perceive and merge this perception with other.  AWESOMENESS.  Point I send to you, fearful lonely one, is I am here to cheer you through this day.  Come to the table of life and have a seat.  I saved your place.  Hugs.
Years of Now
I am decades old.  I have white hair.  My body creaks.  I've seen much.  I know little.  I am alone among others.  I am here to be aware.  I am here to connect on any level.  I am here to inspire those that read this.  I am here to send forth this message.  I am here.  I care.  Hold me in your heart for comfort.  As I create more on many levels this walking day, know I am here for you.  I care.
"Please release my fear based thoughts at the deepest level."
D. L. Engle
"Thank you for giving me work to do..
Thank you for showing me how to do it."
R. Grimes
Daily Struggle:
F eeling
E xcited
A nd
R eady
If I were you and you were me.. I wonder how the world would be.
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