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"I heard from several others you are the best in the business.  After this reading I agree!" Jean G. Practicing Shaman 2020


"OMG. I have never had a reading like this.. She clearly is very gifted. I'll be back!" 

Kim C.

"This woman sees through you like looking through glass.. She told me things I never thought possible - everything came true."

Lisa M.

"I have been looking for you for almost 3 years, since you first read me.  Everything you told me came true.  At the time, I thought you were way off base.  I am so happy."  Janet C. 

"I thought she was nuts what she saw through this Mayan Medicine Wheel - I searched for over two years trying to find her again because everything she said came true."

Chris K.

"I met Dawn years ago and thought she was highly unusual, gifted beyond belief.  I send everyone to see her. She's the real deal - a true Psychic Shaman."

Cynthia Neale, Highly Accomplished Writer 2019

"I figured I would see what this woman and her Medicine Wheel is all about, honestly to discredit her.  Boy was I wrong.  I am humbled." Gray Wolf 2014

"Dawn's ability to see into the Spiritual Realm is both precise and profound!  It always leaves me feeling empowered and with a greater sense of confidence on my path.  It is easy to see the passion she has for bringing a message of healing to anyone open to receive." Chris G. 2020



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