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To book sessions email me on 'Contact' page found in the menu bar above.
Personal and Business Sessions
Insight 1:1 Readings
Bio-System Recalibration Energy Shifting (B.S. Removal) Powerful Remote Session,  
Spirit Council Messages Session,
Connecting To Your Totems,
Dream Interpretations,
Pin Pointing / Releasing Body Pain,
Zoom Business Inspirational H-Factor Workshops
Medicine Wheel Crystal Grid - Labyrinth Outdoor/Indoor Workshop
CURRENT PRICING - activated in this time of turmoil 
My 1:1 private session fee is $160.00 per hour.  Under current world circumstance, consideration is offered to ease your financial fears.  Use the email form on 'Contact' page to request 'other fee' availability. 
Energy Shifting Workshops,  Public Speaking. Non-profits, Fundraising efforts.
Business Consulting / Inspirational Workforce Workshops.
Know, every 6 seconds a business improves current customer relations you improve your company bottom-line by 1% - Now imagine inspiring your people to improve customer relations by 18 seconds... (Bean counters awake!) Take that to the bank!
My ​'Inspirational Insights' may take you and your company to a whole new level.
Email interest on 'Contact' page
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