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Fun Pics

MMW - show.jpeg
MMW - reading.jpg
Amazing experience with Gregg Braden, (Heart Math Institute and IONS - Institute of Noetic Sciences  started by astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell and episodes of enlightenment on  Gaia TV) January of 2020.
The lovely Gregg Braden is a well established, International Speaker on the subject of our heart as its own brain.You may or may not know our heart is a brain, 5,000 times more powerful than our brain organ. The Mayan Medicine Wheel shows the birth of our cells in connection to all their planets and their associated emotions. Our hearts in the making... 
Gregg Braden is an author, engineer, Anthropologist, Archeologist, researcher and accomplished musician.  He travels the world with the likes of Neuroscientist, Joe Dispenza and Biologist, Bruce Lipton speaking on the Heart Brain and our physical body's connection to the unseen world of our feelings.
Dawn Drew - Pic Heaven & Earth.jpeg
Pic is compliments from Pets and People Herbalist Lisa Hudon. Email me for Lisa's contact info.
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