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My TV Show & Links

Closed to Public As of April 2020 due to C19

However on-line access is still available.



(30 minute episodes)

See sample episode below   

In the station link Search Box type in: BELIEVE IT


As of April 2020

Metaphysical Store offers concierge on-line shopping, personal phone readings and Zoom workshops

Circles of Wisdom 

Methuen Massachusetts

Readings & Workshops



As of April 2020 - Closed due to C19 Pandemic


Concord NH





As of April 2020

Metaphysical Store offers phone readings and on-line workshops

Leaping Lizards

Portland Maine

Readings & Workshops


As of April 2020

Metaphysical Spa offers phone readings and on-line workshops

Heaven & Earth Studio

Derry New Hampshire



Private Office

As of April 2020 - Closed due to C19 Pandemic

However Phone Readings, Spirit Council and Energy Healing Sessions are available

To schedule an appointment email me on 'Contact' page

Office space in conjunction with

Dr. Deb Sellers, Naturolpathic Doctor

Concord New Hampshire


International Study


As of April 2020 - Closed due to C19 Pandemic

Arthur Findlay College

World's Foremost College for Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences

Sandie Baker, Bill Thomson, John Johnson (AFC Tudor Team)

Toastmasters International (Professional Speakers Organization)


Mind Body Medicine study/training:

Dr. Kam Yuen, Shaolin Grandmaster, Yuen Method: Science of Immediate Results

LeRoy Malouf, Energetic Well Being Process,

Gregg Braden, Human Potential Pioneer, bridging science & spirituality

Bruce Lipton, PhD Epigenetics, Stem Cell Biologist - changing genes

Dr. Joe Dispenza, Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Quantum Physics

Dr. Richard Bartlett, DC ND Matrix Energetics

Jodi (My Spirit Guide) Ask questions about Jodi.

The Four Great Masters - (Mentors of the connective knowledge of the The Great Mayan Medicine Wheel) Ask questions about The Four Great Masters.

Isis (One of My Spirit Messengers) Ask questions about Isis.

Ralph The Elf (My "Keep Going!" Messenger) Ask questions about Ralph.

The Red Tail Fox and The Forest of Lady Slippers. Ask questions.

For Domestic USA & International bookings see 'Contact' page.

BELIEVE IT - Fasten your seat belts and hold onto your hat.
TV Show Episode Starring Award Winning Writer: Cynthia Neale
BELIEVE IT Show is always looking for new guests to participate on the show. Send your request and information on the 'Contact' page
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